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Maison Individuel



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13 mois






The sunyata hotel designed by zhaoyang architects in dali old town china is a boutique courtyard of yin and yang.the abnormal beauty of this project resulted from a few simple solutions to a series of complex project conditions. the design team was given only 390 square meters of space to work with and encountered further restrictions from the city’s rigorous building code. 

Without scenic views to offer the hotel’s guests, the architects decided to create a hotel with an inward focus. they crafted an urban escape, like a hidden garden that’s a secret to the rest of the world. behind a façade of rusticated stones is a courtyard that takes guests by surprise, and welcomes them into the peaceful serenity of soft grey walls, highlighted by hints of green. the sporadic elements of the structures are tastefully brought together like a collage.

courtyards often have the flaw of being too dark at certain hours of the day; yet, the sunyata hotel doesn’t have this problem. zhaoyang architects designed a scheme that allowed transparency of light and vision, making the courtyard an open space where light is cast into all corners, and where shadows and sun mix in a soothing yin and yang. the glass planes are so expertly installed, that even a human would have doubts about their existence/knowing where the space begins and ends. 


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